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Accelerating Sales Performance

We helped a non-industry seller enter hotel sales and reach over
300% of their Q4 goal and over 100% of their Q1 goal the following year.

Much more so than just what to say, SalesBoost has taught us how to say it, how to change the momentum and energy level as you move through the conversation to make it a more powerful impact.

Connie Hagston, Director of Sales & Marketing
Chaminade Resort & Spa
Member of the Benchmark Resorts & Hotels Collection


The Overview

Overcoming long ramp up periods and accelerating sales readiness

Accelerate sales. Decrease ramp up.

Benchmark Resorts & Hotels built a custom private label platform powered by SalesBoost to accelerate sales and improve financial results. The platform was then deployed to other properties within its portfolio, such as Chaminade Resort & Spa.

By relying on SalesBoost’s library of training courses and realistic simulations, Chaminade Resort & Spa saw a marked improvement in its sales team’s performance. Chaminade cites a challenge with available hotel sales talent in their market.  The hotel on-boarded a new hire at the beginning of Q4 2018 with direct sales experience; however, no prior hotel experience is just one example of that success. Because of SalesBoost’s on-demand training, this seller was able to learn the hospitality business and sales process quickly and effectively. The seller’s ramp-up time decreased and hotel sales-readiness increased by taking the fundamental selling skill courses and other sales intensity courses by SalesBoost. This senior seller reached over 300% of her Q4 goal and over 100% of her Q1 2019 goal.   


The Objective

Bridge the gap between different team members' experience levels

Vastly different skills and experiences

Chaminade Resort & Spa, a Mission-style resort in Santa Cruz, California, had recently expanded its sales team, and each member of the team came in with vastly different skills and experiences. To drive consistency and improve overall skill levels, Chaminade was looking for a sales training platform that would help the company bridge the gap between different team members’ experience levels, roles, and responsibilities.

Chaminade’s parent company, Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, had recently launched a sales platform of its own. After an initial introduction to SalesBoost from Benchmark, Chaminade’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Connie Hagston, took an active role launching SalesBoost with her team. In particular, Connie appreciated SalesBoost’s deep understanding of neuroscience and active learning principles, which play an integral role in the company’s training methodology.


The Methodology

The neuroscience of adult learning

Support an active learning process

SalesBoost developed its platform by incorporating adult learning science principles, which emphasizes that people retain information best through active experiences. Rather than focusing on passive training seminars or quizzes, SalesBoost brings simulations into its courses, so learners can immediately put their new skills to use in a real-life situation. By doing so, learners become experts at adapting to unexpected situations. In addition, SalesBoost also personalizes each course by role or skill level to aid in knowledge retention, and it relies on AI and natural language processing to give learners real-time feedback on how they performed during the simulation. 

Together, these factors support an active learning process where learners are engaged and able to quickly begin applying the skills they’ve learned in simulations. And by rehearsing each simulation multiple times, learners ultimately develop a “muscle memory” for the skill they are trying to cultivate, so performing the skill no longer becomes a conscious effort.


  • Active participation
  • Comprehensive role-based curriculum
  • Instantaneous feedback and coaching
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    Our Tactics

    Active participation, comprehensive role-based courses,
    and instantaneous feedback & coaching

    Immediate adoption

    Chaminade’s sales team immediately began using the private-label fully branded platform with customized content that Benchmark had created for its portfolio of properties. The platform included 15 custom courses designed specifically for Benchmark hotels, as well as over 100 other sales courses that already existed in the SalesBoost course library.

    Once the Chaminade team began using SalesBoost, Connie saw rapid improvement due to the platform’s emphasis on active learner participation, comprehensive role-based courses, and instantaneous feedback & coaching.

    Active participation

    To help its sales force rapidly get up to speed, Chaminade needed content that would engage learners and encourage them to be active participants in the lesson. SalesBoost’s micro-learning format breaks down broader themes and best practices into short, digestible lessons that allowed the members to quickly learn and apply new skills.

    In particular, Chaminade found the private learning environment to be extremely effective.

    “The sales team liked that they could do trainings on their own time in a safe environment,” explained Connie. “It made them much more eager to participate, because it’s just you and the machine.”

    Comprehensive role-based curriculum

    Chaminade needed courses that met the needs of each professional on its team, so SalesBoost included relevant, role-based courses for every skill level. Chaminade also found the cross-training capabilities valuable. Because the platform offers all courses regardless of subject, to all learners, team members from one team found they were able to develop new skills and a better understanding of how each department works and interacts with other departments.

    “We want to continue to develop our people, and SalesBoost helps us do that easily,” explained Connie. “If you want to understand roles or possible career paths, you can take the related course in SalesBoost to get a better feel for it.”

    Instantaneous feedback and coaching

    To ensure that its employees truly applied the lessons they learned, Chaminade relied on SalesBoost’s voice analysis software. Incorporating AI and natural language processing technology, this software listens to and analyzes a salesperson’s performance, then delivers the results within seconds. The results evaluate the salesperson on sales effectiveness, momentum, and energy level, and instant feedback and coaching provide recommendations for improving one’s performance for the next simulation— which the salesperson can take as many times as they like.

    “Personally, I appreciate that I can go through the rehearsal two or three times until I really feel comfortable with it, then start customizing the phrasing to give it my own spin,”


    The Results

    An increase in sales production
    regardless of experience level or industry knowledge

    300% of goal by Q4

    Since launching the SalesBoost platform, Chaminade has seen an exponential improvement in employee sales performance, regardless of experience level in sales or the hospitality industry. The on-demand nature of the platform has allowed each member of the team to learn at their own pace, boost their confidence, improve sales acumen and interpersonal communication skills.

    “We hired a senior seller who had no hotel-specific experience,” said Connie. “After she completed the fundamental selling skills course with SalesBoost, and she reached over 300% of her goal in Q4 and over 100% of her goal in Q1!”
    Connie Hagston, Director of Sales and Marketing

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